Is Cuomo curing ‘income disparity?’ (letter to the editor)

So, Governor Cuomo relented to let eating places operate at 25% capability in an try to keep away from lawsuits from bar and restaurant house owners who needed to convey go well with towards him for holding them from having the ability to open their companies and allow them to and their staffs earn a dwelling. No one can subsist on 25% of their incomes capability. Now, he’s mandating that eating places and bars – in addition to gyms — shut at 10 p.m.

Does anybody see what he’s doing?

This has nothing to do with Coronavirus, and every little thing to do with bankrupting profitable personal enterprise folks.

Remember a few months in the past when “revenue disparity” was a giant difficulty being mentioned by politicians and “activists”?

Well, that is Cuomo’s and de Blasio’s method of leveling that revenue disparity — by hitting one in every of the industries the place house owners — and even workers — make excellent money. In truth, some bar and restaurant house owners have already gone bankrupt and have closed their companies completely.

Yet, an individual can go into any Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco, Kohl’s and Target. In truth, on some days, the within a few of these shops appears like Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

But Cuomo isn’t going after these staff, as a result of they’re minimal wage staff and don’t make the form of money a restaurant proprietor, bar proprietor, good bartender, good waiter and even barback can make in venue.

And, so far as gyms go, what sort of folks go to gyms? Healthy folks. People who care for themselves. So, what’s the reasoning behind forcing gyms to lower hours?

These edicts issued by Governor Cuomo (Italicize “Governor” as a result of Cuomo will not be “governing” in any respect. He is dictating and destroying) don’t have anything to do with “defending” folks. And bar house owners, restaurant house owners, health club house owners, and workers for these venues, want to band collectively and put a cease to this homicide of free enterprise.

(Gino Falzarano is a Bulls Head resident.)

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